I see the world in photos. We are surrounded by beauty that goes unnoticed all the time. Its when you stop for a moment and look - really look that you see it. Photography allows you to capture this beauty and treasure it forever.

Photography is a passion. It's consuming in a positive, joyful way.

I started photography in September 2012. Still to this day I remember a nagging little voice in my head to buy a camera. Being a person that believes in listening to your inner voice I did just that! And it was the best decision
of my life! From the moment I started taking photos I knew I could do this forever. I felt excited, I felt I had woken up. It is a great feeling and I feel it still now.

Trying out something completely new was scary in the beginning but that challenge has allowed me to grow in ways I didn't think possible. I plunged right in and followed my heart. I had to believe in myself. It just felt right. From not knowing what a digital SLR was back then to now I can say " Wow " - I have certainly learnt a lot along the way! My Photographic journey is only just beginning. I have a lot of catching up to do having started photography late in my life - but I am enjoying the ride so far and am striving to improve my skills as I go along. It's very rewarding to see where you started and to continue to push yourself to do better all the time. I want each new photo I take to be an improvement on the one before - for my own personal satisfaction and growth.

It's when I'm close to nature and outdoors that I feel my best. It's truly food for the soul. I believe we all feel better after being close to water or mountains. We are drawn to it like a magnet. When we need to destress where do we turn to? Nature - the sea, the lakes, the mountains. Mother Nature refreshes us like nothing else can. It breaks my heart to see the destruction going on at the moment of our natural resources, our wildlife, our home. We need nature as much as she needs us.

I'm blessed to live in South Africa where the sun shines every day, the beaches and landscapes are stunning and the wildlife mesmerising.

Thank you for visiting my photography page and I hope some of my photo's brought you joy today.

"The reward of art in not fame or success, but intoxication" - Cyril Connolly

About Lee Anne

Lee Anne Robertson

I am in love with this world. Our deepest roots are in nature... we are linked with the rest of creation.
Once you have tasted the beauty of the wild, the sun, the rain, summer, winter - you will realise this.
There is something marvelous in nature that touches all of us, that brings balance to our lives.
You only have to spend time in the wild, hearing the deep call of the lion, or the jackals and hyenas calling,
or feel the breeze against your skin to know this is true. I love being away from crowds and in wide open spaces enjoying these
precious gifts. Unless we change our values soon, pictures are all we will have left of our magnificent
wildlife and irreplaceable home. All we ever need is right in front of us. All we need to do is enjoy it and respect it.