Warthog vs Rhino

 The saying "Dynamite comes in small packages" certainly came to mind  when I was lucky enough to watch this encounter between a Rhino  and a warthog recently.  On his way to the waterhole the Rhino came across the little warthog grazing. 

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Wanting to assert his dominance at the waterhole the Rhino made a bee line towards the warthog and shook his head to and fro and did a few mock charges.  He even jumped up and down - something I havent seen a Rhino do before - in an attempt to chase the cheeky warthog away but the warthog was having none of this bullying and quickly showed the Rhino that size doesnt matter! 



He faced the Rhino head on and they stood eye to eye for a few minutes sizing one another up.  When the Rhino realized this is one fiesty little warthog who wasn't going to back off just because of a size issue, he spun around and moved off, leaving the warthog to gloat in his victory! 

Its wonderful encounters between animals like this that keeps one coming back for more - the interaction between wildlife always brings something new and exciting, and like on this occasion, a smile to your face!



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