"The Thirsty Land" - my trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park



A kalahari sunrise

I recently spent a memorable 7 days in the red dunes of the kalahari and I can honestly say it was nothing short of amazing.  The vast open silent splendour of the kalahari is nothing short of breathtaking and is food for the soul for anyone wanting to escape the stress and strain of everyday life.  

The Kgalagadi has a special magic about it that one can't explain - its something that one needs to experience.  Each morning I set off  early as the gates opened on a game drive and was always rewarded with an amazing sighting - this is the beauty of the kalahari - from the diverse small mammals and birdlife , the sounds of the lizards chirping at night, to the magnificent black maned lions - my days were filled with some special memory to take back home with me.  The landscape is also beautiful and the nights filled with millions of stars.  Its a place that creeps into your heart and that gets under your skin and will keep me going back for more every year!  Here are a few images from my recent trip . 


A glimpse at a brown hyena early one morning near Nossob

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Wildebeest heading for the waterhole in the midday heat - land of dust and thirst

                                                                       Tawny eagles fighting - Tweerivieren

Igama lizards in the midday heat - sonkykers


I was fortunate to see this honeybadger near nossob one morning digging in the sand - he then ran up a tree and hid there for a while


A sunset on my way back to camp

A springbuck in the late afternoon

I heard his roaring from the dunes early morning at Rooiputs

A young lion practicing hunting on a dove at tweerivieren

Doves coming to drink at the waterholes in the heat of the day

Beautiful markings of the gemsbok

A lionness growling at an approaching young male

Big clouds gathered one morning - threatening rain

A secretary bird one of my favourite birds of prey

I love the sound these namaqua soundgrouse make

I was thrilled to encounter a Martial Eagle who flew across the road and landed in a tree above me

Inquisitive ground squirrels running around at my room at Nossob