Beauty Personified

A striking portrait of a young male lion on a windy day.

Big tusker

A privilege to be in the presence of this very big African ...


The unmistakable bond of cheetah brothers as they walk on ...

Dark Elephant

A portrait of a African Elephant, mud dripping down his ...

Feline Eyes

The hypnotic eyes of an apex predator.

Leopard Forest

A leopard surrounded by the forest stands gazing into the ...

Leopard Tree

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a leopard in a ...

Queen of the Savannah

The beauty of a lioness at sunset.

The Powerful One

This photo conveys the power of the lion and one ...

The Lion

A portrait of a magnificent lion in his prime.

The Termite Mound

Young lions playing on a mound after the rain.

Masai Mara Lion

A beautiful male lion resting in the Masai Mara.

Prowling Cheetah

A cheetah on the prowl in the Masai Mara.

Resting Leopard

A leopardess having a rest in the cool afternoon.


A leopardess hides herself in the dense foliage.

Sister Bonds

Sisters displaying the loving side of lions and the ...


A mother suckles her young at sunset.

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